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It took considerable elbow grease to bring the beautiful Hotel Palisade back to life so we certainly weren’t about to let the kitchen languish. We were entrusted with jump-starting the hotel’s culinary heart, a role we took seriously.  We designed it, fitted it out, chose and trained the team to stay true to the heritage of the venue. And we developed and delivered the food concept for this grand old restored iconic beauty.

“One thing that needs to be said – “Team Food Rascal get it” It was a mammoth task to return Hotel Palisade to its former glories and bringing Food Rascal into the throws just made things happen with an infectious energy and pace that is to behold. Food Rascal appointed elevated food concepts and menus for all corners of the business, Their intuitive creative process really hit the mark and before you knew it we were up off and away. Their stop at nothing attitude, lateral thinking and constant focus on the needs of our business and customers was nothing short of incredible and inspiring. We have an on-going relationship with Food Rascal and would recommend their consultancy to any hospitality operator. They have been an essential part of building our culture and brand.”

Natalie Ghosn
The Licensee , Hotel Palisade



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