Fearless and fun, we pride ourselves on pushing hospitality concepts to the next level.


Detailed R&D is standard for every project we work on, including a thorough market analysis of your sector. We determine a creative vision for your restaurant, business or event and work with you to develop a proposed commercial direction with clearly defined objectives and outcomes.


There’s so much more to a menu than meets the eye. Everything that goes into a killer line up is our speciality, from tastings to recipe cards, cost of goods and finding the best and most suitable suppliers. And when you’re ready to show it off, we’ll style and photograph it better than anyone on Instagram.


How your operation looks is as vital as how the menu tastes. We’re pros when it comes to styling, working with you to sweat the details like uniforms, plateware, platters, glassware, table linen and cutlery. And we are all over it when it comes to food presentation.


You need to run this beast, we’re here to help you make it as easy as possible. That starts with sourcing the right gear and laying out your kitchen right. Next, we’ll put systems and training in place for your staff, including templates for reporting. If you’re a new operation, you can also count on us to assist with the all-important roll-out plan.


We know hospitality can be a seriously stressful business. That’s why our service doesn’t end with setting up shop. We’re available as an extra pair of hands to look after the difficult details to keep you running smoothly, like monthly audits or sales analysis. We specialise in staff development programs, reviews of suppliers and menu adjustments.


Our Process

It’s a team effort to bring your culinary vision to fruition.
And we have the A-team.
We’ve foraged for the most inspiring hospitality experts around.

1. Meet at the venue

We always like to get into the guts of it where the magic happens, whether that’s an empty shell or 
a fully pumping venue.

2. Establish your needs and objectives

A strong collaboration starts with a frank and open discussion about what your hospitality business needs and how we’re best suited to help you. We only do things bespoke, so the specifics are important to us.

3. Your proposal’s on the way

Having carefully considered all the info you’ve given us, we’ll formulate a plan and proposal and send it over to you for review.

4. Let’s shake on it

It’s time to make something great together. You sign the paperwork and we’re off and running with all hands on deck to come up with fresh new ideas and concepts for your new (or renewed) baby.

5. Deliver ideas, advice and support

When we’re all excited about what we’ve cooked up, we’ll arrange a meeting so we can share it with you. That includes any advice or plans for additional support you might need.

6. Roll-out the project

Our time to shine. Whether we’re designing a menu, refitting a kitchen or training staff, this is where we get stuck in and do what we do best.

7. Hand back the keys (or provide ongoing support)

When we’re certain you’re in safe hands, it’s time to say goodbye. Or, if you prefer us to hang around for a little longer, we’re only a phone call away for continued support.


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