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Blessed with show-stopping views at an enviable waterfront location, Manly Wharf Hotel already had a lot going for it before we showed up. One thing lacking, however, was the food experience.  We overhauled the place. Food Rascal launched new plateware, food styling and menu, while also revamping the kitchen’s operations and workflow. The food now helps keep the venue at the top of its game, instead of holding it back.

“With our kitchens continuously going at full tilt, it was challenging to find time and resource to step back, look around and consider where we needed to appoint change and rejuvenation to our offering, Food Rascal gave us a detailed ‘360’ and helped us to re-model all things guest experience, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to refresh, remodel and improve their offering.”

Justin Tynan
Group General Manager, May Hospitality (Manly Wharf Bar)



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